Are You Tired Of Wasting Hundreds Of Dollars Year After Year On Sewing Machine Repair And Maintenance Services?

It's a simple fact - if you want your sewing machine to operate properly you must keep up with regular maintenance and service visits.

At a bare minimum your sewing machine needs to be serviced on an annual basis. In certain cases 4 or more service visits are required each and every year!

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Sewing Machine Repair Visits Can Really Add Up

If you're like the typical sewing machine owner, you take your machine to a repair shop when it needs to have maintenance or repair work done. And, if your service shop knows what they're doing you're in good shape... although your wallet may suffer a bit.

Unfortunately, there are a few so-called sewing machine specialists out there who don't have the know-how needed to service many of the modern sewing machines used today. These newer models require a different level of knowledge than the older, traditional machines did when it comes to making adjustments or setting the timing for instance.

If you happen to end up at one of these shops that are a bit behind the times, it could result in your machine coming back in worse shape than when you took it in. Not only are you out the money charged by the "repair shop", your machine still needs to be fixed.

If You Want The Job Done Right, Do It Yourself

How would you like to save money AND get the job done right the first time?

It's a lot easier than you might imagine... with "How To Repair Sewing Machines At Home" you'll have a complete guide to sewing machine repair that teaches everything you need to know in a simple step-by-step fashion.

Simple Training Method Assumes You're A Complete Beginner

This step-by-step training guide makes the assumption that you have absolutely no experience when it comes to repairing a sewing machine. It includes clear and simple instructions with pictures to show exactly what you need to do to repair your sewing machine yourself at home.

You'll learn practical maintenance and repair strategies based on proven methods used by the top sewing machine technicians. And, a handy troubleshooting guide makes it easy to diagnose specific problems like a pro.

Here are just a few of the skills you'll learn:

  • Threading techniques for all types of sewing machines including how to wind the bobbin and choosing the correct needle

  • How to properly clean and lubricate your machine to keep it running smoothly

  • Troubleshooting for wear and breakage of parts and check for problems such as machine noise, poor stitching quality, thread and needle breakage, etc.

  • The proper way to straighten needle and presser bars and level the presser foot

  • Strategies for checking the motors, lights, controls and wiring

  • How to properly time the needle bar, hook or shuttle, feed mechanism and more

  • The ins and outs of setting the tension including all the intricate details

You'll be able to ensure your machine sews perfectly on all types of fabrics and material and save money at the same time.

But, just be careful who you tell about your new abilities... you just might create yourself a new job fixing the sewing machines of your friends and family!

In addition to providing the instructions you need to repair your sewing machine, the program comes with several bonus manuals that address particular types of machines including Singer, Necchi, Pfaff, Juki, Viking and more.

How Much Money Will You Save By Repairing Your Own Sewing Machine?

Well, it depends on the going rates for sewing machine service and repair in your part of the country, but here's what one satisfied customer had to say...

"The manual is great. I find it very easy to use and the instructions are in simple to follow English. The diagrams are very clear and accurate without being too technical to understand. My husband and I used it the day we received it to reset the timing on 2 machines. This would have cost around $129..."

-- R Pitts, Grand Forks, North Dakota, Testimonial from How To Repair Sewing Machines At Home website

Safe, Secure And 100% Guaranteed

This complete guide comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. If at any time during the first 60 days you are not satisfied, simply request a no-hassle, no questions asked refund.

Ordering is safely and securely processed through the leading merchant for online informational materials. The guide and special bonuses are delivered electronically to your computer - in fact, you'll be able to start repairing your sewing machine within minutes of placing your order.

Best of all, the price for this complete sewing machine repair package is incredibly low... LESS than what you'd pay for 1 service call!

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